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Briefly, before I forget

January 12, 2010

So these last two weeks have consisted of my and my writing partner’s madly scrambling to pound out a decent looking first draft for an MOW (Movie of the Week). We’d sent in a few sentences in response to an open call that was buried somewhere in the middle of a screenwriting newsletter run by James Mercurio, and–surprise!–got an email from the actor who was looking for a specific project, specific market, and specific character details. The story that I and my partner had been sitting on didn’t quite match what was being requested, so we had to retool all our characters to fit the new structure. We did it in about a week, with much burning of candles at both ends.

Is it done? Yes. Is it perfect? No. To be specific, the second half of the first hour is a little weak, and the major lead character needs something to make her a bit more sympathetic, and there are still some small inconsistencies in tone throughout the piece. But still, done. And we’re baby writers, so for this to have gotten as far as it did (given that we hadn’t expected a response at all and just sent our little four sentence teaser-synopsis into the gaping void) was really, really heartening.

But now I fall over. Goodnight.

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